The Eagle has landed

Arrived back safely in WA. Staying in caravan Park in Bunbury for a while. Got a truckload of maintenance to attend to and a few spare parts to chase. And have a crack at the salmon hopefully! Had a great time over east and dodged some really severe weather events. This blog will continue, still got some photos and maybe some new adventures so stick around, maybe comment?

A change in direction.

Crikey, things have been tumultuous, decided to head back to WA. The Eastern states suffering floods, now a cyclone forming in Queensland, We think we maybe have dodged several bullets. HAD ENOUGH! the last couple of travel days have seen us clocking up to 400 kilometres looking for free camping only to find every one of them packed out and not a lot of difference in the caravan parks. Caravans on the road looking for all these places are in extreme numbers. Its just INSANITY! We havent finished yet but will continue in WA. Leaving Ceduna tuesday morning.

Tomatoes to meteorites

What a week? Crikey! Stayed a couple of nights in Burra, wow, seriously beautiful place with history seeping out of its ears! Been thru Port Augusta and saw the “Sundrop” tomato factory, wow, they have a furnace heated by mirrors that takes care of the greenhouses, way impressive! Seen it once on the telly but its amazing stuff. Why not the world? go figure. Then Wyalla, man, this is the place you would target if you were planning a meteor shower or maybe sending the mother inlaw on holiday to. Its more depressing than Port Hedland, Yes! I found myself so depressed I stuck 2.67 litres of petrol in my ute, it being diesel and all. Bloody servo charged me for it too. Waited an hour for RAC to turn up only to find that amount can mix and burn thru. Been at Port Neill this week, actually fishing, two squid died in the making of this yarn now they will be tea! This place is great, wouldnt mind settling here! Take off here on thursday.

What has………………….

What has rubbish everywhere, total shit roads frigged by trucks, Arsehole truck drivers and shit driver attitude……….give up? The state of Victoria! Drove into Victoria, passing three kilometres of signs warning us not to breathe, blink or sneeze, you drive through a lack of laybys, rubbish everywhere., B train drivers that insult you on the cb and tailgate you so VERY close you have no room to slow down or get out of the way and get insulted for the effort. Leaving the state tomorrow, good riddance, not spending another dollar here. Seems you are a menace to society being a caravanner travelling at 90 kilometres an hour. STATE limit is 100!

Swans Reach

Staying for a week at Swans Reach, a small hamlet right on the river, the Murray that is, Blimey this trickle is bloody big. Actually going for a fish tomorrow! Its pretty as a picture here, and Betty is surrounded by HUNGRY birdlife. So shes happy! Had a bit of a tour around today, went for a drive to Blanchetown and Morgan. Stupid satnav took my home via Easter Islands!! I truly wonder sometimes! Had a goosey at the Lock No 1 in Blanchetown, wow, very impressive. Photos to follow, stay tuned for how many Carp I catch? Today also crossed the river on a ferry, not too many bridges, instead they have cable ferries everywhere.

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A town named Bute

Arrived this morning in a town named Bute, you can look it up while we look around, Back later with more!

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Had a couple of days at Bute, a quiet little village, very quiet. Went shopping down the road 30 k,s at Kadina, a town nearby, much bigger than here, also went and checked out the beach/jetty at Wooraroo nearby. And a great little town called Port Broughton. That place got our vote for prettiest. Along the way here we overnight camped and Betty fell off her bike when she found this old river gum, check it out, its bloody massive. Pulled up in a layby on the A1 on the way to Bute and heard this wonderful pipe music, turned out to be this pole. It was right next to a table shelter, think it might have been a deterrent to camping. Our addition of an Anderson plug DC/DC charger to car sorted out our power issues and I have had yet another tinker inside our Generator, hopefully fixed. I gave it a message tho, thats it, anymore nonsense and it gets traded.Chooks are off the lay again, down to the heat! Wondering what we have to do at the border, probably have to surrender the wheat? Guess they will have to forage harder! NOT TOO MANY COMMENTS FOLKS? Moving off tomorrow probably down Murray Bridge way?

What goes squrksqurksqwurkfuk………….Tttt?

Our generator thats what………we were quietly camped at Yeldulknie Weir, near Cleve, and the generator sounded just like the title of this post, and stopped. Well its the main supplier of electricity with overcast skies. I started stripping it down to find a plastic cowling had come loose and one of the bolts came into contact with the flywheel. It had broken a magnet off the inside of the flywheel. Into Cleve and shacked up in small cara park behind the roadhouse. with some liquid metal and some bolts to replace missing ones it will be action again. Cleve, a pretty little town, probably stay the week.

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Coffin Bay

Arrived in Coffin Bay today, here for a couple of days, had no time to have a look around yet, alls well, stay posted! Very pretty place, very upmarket, a bit like Dunsborough. Ned Kelly alive and well running the local servos, both want ten cents a litre more for fuel than their counterparts 20 K away!! Leaving tomorrow! photos following!

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