Gangsters and Muggers

I am starting to lose faith , and find myself surrounded by muggers. Recently I went on a trip and wanted to look at some old rusty harpoon and was confronted with a 39 dollar fee for the priviledge, eighty bucks for the wife and I . And a local river trip they wanted 85 bucks a head, man, I didnt want to take the boat home with me. I dont believe the going rates for stuff like that. Tourism , you want tourism? lift your game muggers! This country would prosper if it wasnt so bloody greedy. The other day I wanted some oil and a filter for my car, I found a filter in the local hardware, 62 bucks they wanted! Not even a genuine spare but a aftermarket one. Again 62 bucks! I went onto ebay and bought a pack of four filters for my vehicle for 41 bucks freight included! Buy local? Dont be daft, what a shame. Seems like its the “Norm”
everyone so hungry for a profit that in the end people just get jacked off with them and go Ebay. Sad indictment Australia. Want to prosper? Ned Kelly didnt win either!


Under the Milky Way

Just a couple of shots of the milky way I was tinkering with last night. A work in progress I think! First pic I think its got meteorite trails?