Gangsters and Muggers

I am starting to lose faith , and find myself surrounded by muggers. Recently I went on a trip and wanted to look at some old rusty harpoon and was confronted with a 39 dollar fee for the priviledge, eighty bucks for the wife and I . And a local river trip they wanted 85 bucks a head, man, I didnt want to take the boat home with me. I dont believe the going rates for stuff like that. Tourism , you want tourism? lift your game muggers! This country would prosper if it wasnt so bloody greedy. The other day I wanted some oil and a filter for my car, I found a filter in the local hardware, 62 bucks they wanted! Not even a genuine spare but a aftermarket one. Again 62 bucks! I went onto ebay and bought a pack of four filters for my vehicle for 41 bucks freight included! Buy local? Dont be daft, what a shame. Seems like its the “Norm”
everyone so hungry for a profit that in the end people just get jacked off with them and go Ebay. Sad indictment Australia. Want to prosper? Ned Kelly didnt win either!

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