Stating the bleeding obvious…………..

As you stumble thru life you cant help noticing the signs we leave around willy nilly to aggravate the very deep fat layers of your body, I want to know why we have signs that say “Danger Deep Excavations” on sodding big holes in the ground, why would you bother to stick that over an open pit when its plainly obvious to all there is a crater in your way. And danger will befall you if you twonk about around it, the sign is not in Braille, so its not there for the blind, so it should be screamingly obvious without the sign, blind people have more sense anyway! Why would you need to be told in foot high letters, then there is stupidity called “New Work no lines marked” on new road surfaces. Let me again excrutiate BLOODY WHY? I can see there are no lines………..I know its unsafe to overtake! so why bother with the insult of the signage,? Again its not in Braille so blind people again know better. The conclusion to all this nonsense must be to pick up the tab for lesser fortunates that are too bloody daft to see the hole or the no lines or any of the rest of lifes tedium strewn around the countryside! Then of course you have the daft side that fall into the deep excavation and vow they didnt see the sign? What about the hole? didnt you see the flaming big hole? Oh well, another sign!

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