Dumb Arse

Today I was unhappy to use a card service fuel depot, what a bloody disaster? I offered up my card four times before I finally got it the right way around, then the card machine wanted my bowser number, well ok thats ok, turning around and looking at the bowser alongside my car noticed it was called “2” so I entered 2 and walked back to my car picked up the nozzle and it did not fire into life, CRAP! then I spotted that the bowser concerning my diesel was “1”, bugger ! turned out I had fired up the wrong bowser. Back to the card machine, nowhere to cancel? There was a button for help with a speaker, tried hollering into that, didnt raise a soul. Totally at a loss I put my card back in to arrange the right bowser and it printed a receipt for the unleaded I didnt take. At this point I am feeling totally ripped off, My wife says I will run over the road and buy a jerrycan to take home the unleaded! Wot a good idea? Waited until she arrived back, but the number 2 bowser had timed out. Bloody hell, I finally went back to card machine and ordered my diesel, finished off the transaction and was driving off feeling down after losing twenty bucks. Turns out as My wife was reading my receipts the machine was smarter than me and didnt charge me for number 2, but of course add thirty for the jerrycan, NOT MY DAY!

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