Adrian & Betty,s Excellent Adventure

Wheels up, take off and gone, not very far yet. Pulled in to Darken. Here we are regrouping, sorting, restacking and generally finding STUFF we stuffed into nooks and crannies aboard our craft. Not bad time for a three day layup tho, temperatures threatening to fry eggs at twenty paces. Hmmmm, dont think we should have brought the chooks along? Main thing is just getting used to the idea of now we are travelling! enter here[/caption]

enter here


Well, got so hot the chooks went right off the lay, cant blame them! We picked the only pad in the whole park that shade forgets to visit, yea but got a decent satellite signal, even tho nothing worth watching, ho hum, getting my beauty sleep! We went and checked out the tourist site here, yea only one! Six Mile Cottage, an old homestead built waybackwhen,

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