Gas in the Trench’s

The other night whilst cooking tea, my wife peeled a weapons grade onion! Never before have we found a more potent veg. My wife was in distress, living in a small caravan as we do, she was overcome by the gas from this weaponised onion. Very shortly after the onion gas filled the trench where I was sitting and soon had me more teary eyed than watching a sad movie. It continued to intensify. We opened up door and windows hoping it would dissipate the deadly klingy eye watering fumes, but it did nothing. The fumes just dripped off the curtains and crept along the sink for hours after. I think it must have been an undercover terrorist onion sent in by North Korea? Who knows? Did its job anyway, beware the weaponised onions!

These vehicles were used for transporting these onions, they didnt fare to well either the corrosive gas from the onions did its job!