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Jousting on the internet.
Today I want to talk about JUNK, email junk, and SPAM, not the stuff you stick in sandwiches. Today is about email and avoiding all the rubbish that arrives in your inbox. There are dozens of scams that harvest email addresses that are used to populate your world with adds for enlarging anatomy, cheap pills and also harvesting your computer as a zombie. There are thousands of dodgy emails circulating, like pass this on in three seconds to dozens of your mates and you will have a rainbow arrive on your lawn. and Dont let the candle out ones and dozens of other pass on ones. There sole purpose in life is to harvest live working email addresses for propagating more spam. Every time you or someone else passes it on there are sometimes hundreds of unsuspecting email addresses involved. All destined for spam delivery. Have you ever wondered just how these obnoxious people get your address? Another low trick, ever gone to a website and found you had to sign up ? Not all of course but a large percentage are doing the same thing, you signup give them your email address and the rest is history. Some of these sites onsell your email to rogue companies.
For starters, Always delete sender email lists when passing on jokes candles and the like.
On the internet you can start secondary email accounts with people like Gmail, Yahoo, lycos etc at no cost. Start one up and use it on the internet, do not use your original email address to signup anywhere. If it comes with your internet account you cant change or delete it, but you can with a throwaway one. If it gets spammed dice it and start another. Online there is a very good company at Go to it and sign up and choose the free email masking option. Everytime thereafter it will offer you a chance to enter a masked address which delivers to your original email. The internet doesnt know your true email but gets routed thru Abine, you find spam and other crawleys manifesting you check the box and Abine BLOCKS it!

Abine mail blocker is free! There are other paid services just read it all carefully. All future listings will also be free. If you found this article usefull click “like” and I will continue weekly.

Take out the JUNK! or why does my computer run so slow.

Windows can best be described as messy. Windows can be like a school cooking class, let me explain, when windows starts a program it takes the ingredients out of the cupboard and puts them on the table and sneaks a tipple of the cooking sherry. All the kids in class get all the pots pans and bowls out, taps are turned on the mixer etc. someone drops a spoon, the flour is poured into the toaster. When windows starts a program, it obviously starts the exe file involved but in addition, it may start numerous temp files needed to run that program.Often those temp files are not deleted at close, it loses some (down to the sherry). Sometimes it puts back files it uses in a total different place.All the while it hedges its bets by adding dozens of useless files to your registry. Meanwhile after a quiet afternoon cruising the web your browser is remembering and saving trivia along the way. All this good stuff if filed away in your browser cache. Slowly filling up your hard drive . Its not unusual to accumulate 3-4 gigs of total JUNK! Thats why its ooooooh sooooooo sloooow. It is an easy task to get rid of ninety percent of this and so increasing your computer speed and health. Say twice a year, wander into accessories, tools defrag and give your computer a defrag. Be warned sometimes up to a couple of hours involved. You get into the sherry? But first, you must get rid of JUNK, or a defrag will simply take longer moving it around. A defrag finds all the files that windows has mislaid and returns them to their original places on that shelf in the cupboard. Already your computer will purr! Now,fire up your browser and download from your FREE copy of CC Cleaner. At least once a week run CC Cleaner to remove all temp and junk files, you will be astonished what it finds. On the left toolbar there is also provision to clean your registry and an uninstaller for programs you want gone. CC Cleaner is FREE and TRUSTWORTHY all good. But always go to its own website dont just google and go to the first one you find, some of the other sites may not be so trustworthy.If this is your first clean it would not be uncommon to find 3-4 gigs of trash.Of couse there are a lot of other things that can be done but just this one tool goes a long way toward getting your copy of windows off the sherry!

Stay Tuned!


Passwords………….the ugly pain in the backside of our online life.
But oh so nessasary. Countries like China, Roumania, Russia and plenty of others have factories of hackers all trying to get into your computer, for all sorts of nefarious activities. You say oh I only play games or similiar, but your computer can be used against others. Now, passwords like your pet dogs name or great aunty Alices birthday do not cut the mustard. Some people think of one password and use it on all sites across the net. Children with password cracking software can break in in minutes. Scammers like the Microsoft one love the ease of poor passwords. OK. passwords are life preservers of the internet, and they are painful. I personally have a couple of hundred to remember. There is a pain free solution. I use a FREE program called Lastpass. You can get it from you download it and start an account with Lastpass and life is Good! Lastpass will assimulate into most browsers and will store all your passwords, it will make you new passwords up to a foot long.It will autofill your password boxes on sites you visit and stores them all in your Laspass vault. The only important thing to remember is your access password to login. If you forget it you are sunk because Lastpass doesnt keep that one for your security. The implication of this, if you forget your masterpassword you cant access them in your vault. Lastpass is one of the best programs I have found and the price is right.Dont let the muggers hack you! Your windows login password incidentally is pretty much worthless, only good to keep the kids out. Your windows login can be circumnavigated in under a minute.But make sure your login ones on line are tough. On a final note, I do not keep my Bank login password on the computer at all. In the event of a hack it wont be found!


Did you know Google search tracks ALL your searches? Probably a lot of other companies too, you

can see your searches, and delete them, bet you didnt know that?To clear your search history,

start by going to Google Web history. You’ll need to sign in with a Google account.

Google Web history shows you every search you’ve ever done, organized by date. You have the

option to delete individual searches, or clear your entire search history.

To delete specific searches, tick the checkbox next to the search you want to remove. Then click

the “Remove items” button at the top of the page.

To delete your entire Google search history, tick the checkbox next to the Remove Items button.

This will select every item in the history.

Then click the Remove Items button.

Or you can click the gear icon at the top right of the page and select Settings. In the text,

click the “Delete all” link. Then click on the “Delete all” button to confirm.

That’s great, but won’t Google just record your new searches? It will unless you turn off Web

history entirely.

Click the gear icon on your Web History page and select Settings. Next to where it says “Web

history is on” click the Turn Off button.

Of course, this won’t automatically wipe out your search information. Google will continue to

store your information for audits and internal use.

However, it won’t be used to create targeted ads or customize your searches. It also means

someone snooping on your computer won’t be able to stumble across it.